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Minutia.AI develops probabilistic AI solutions to predict individual gut microbiome responses to interventions and improve health

The human gut microbiome is a vast network of intricate bacterial interplay that surpasses the ability of traditional biomarker-based approaches to unveil its complexities. At Minutia.AI we pioneer a total-ecosystem approach to unravel the gut microbiome inner workings like never before. This is made possible by the tight integration of clinical knowledge, large-scale data and probabilistic generative AI.


We create AI models that simulate the complex network dynamics that govern the gut microbiome and their effect on human health. We replicate what happens in disease progression or in response to nutritional interventions with unprecedented granularity. Imagine being able to simulate the effects that taking a supplement will trigger on your gut microbiome and why the same supplement may not be effective on another individual. Imagine being able to generate dietary recommendations to restore your gut’s functionality that are specific to you. Imagine being able to simulate these effects down to the individual bacterial interactions and mechanism. This is Minutia Twin, the first digital twin of the human gut microbiome.



Detecting biological mechanisms from microbiome data using probabilistic AI. Unlike statistical analyses that focus on finding differentially abundant biomarkers, Minutia Discovery focuses on detecting biological mechanisms and microbial interactions. Minutia Discovery is the ideal platform to ensure that every bit of information in your microbiome data is translated into new knowledge and value for your organization.

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We continuously seek to establish long lasting academic and industry collaborations on ambitious projects related to understanding the human gut microbiome. We are particularly interested in partners that can bring to the table complex biological questions and data on which our tech can deliver its full potential. At Minutia.AI we believe that the most impactful scientific advances are made through strong innovation partnerships between great complementary companies. Let's get in touch!



Our team's unique approach is defined by taking a holistic perspective on every problem we investigate. We avoid making assumptions, recognizing that each of us is susceptible to perspective bias. Instead, we have in the scientific method our guiding principle, valuing evidence-based research. We embrace uncertainty as an inherent aspect of any system, whether it pertains to data or events. We'd rather deal with the technical challenges associated with complexity than make potentially misleading oversimplifications.
We are curious and open-minded, as we continually seek to explore, learn, and adapt in our quest for knowledge generation in the world of microbiome science.

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Interdisciplinarity as key to solving any complex problem in nature 

Our team has backgrounds ranging from computer science, artificial intelligence, molecular biology, physics, microbiology, immunology and bioinformatics. We firmly believe that deciphering the sophisticated dynamics regulating the human gut microbiome and its effects on human health requires a tight integration of multiple disciplines communicating with one another in the language of science.

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